Tuesday , April 16 2024

Bangladesh is an new emerging tiger of the world

Its a great pleasure to us that Bangladesh treated as New Emerging Tiger in Asia which help us to soar up export import business immediately.At one time peoples informed only four countries like Hongkong, Singapore, South korea and Taiwan is the emerging Tiger/Asian Tiger but for the time being this idea going to be changed as Bangladesh is the ” Emerging Tiger” of Asia. Its because of infrastructure development, economic growth. From 1960 to 1990 , the said four countries were exceedingly develop their economic condition as we as . Now a days another one country like Bangladesh emerge as Asian Tiger due to said content. Last one erosion, Bangladesh acquired the GDB growth which is likened to others countries that also help to boost up the economic position.

moreover, Bangladesh achieved 6% of GDB growth where the said four countries also same as us where they were developed their industrial segment. According to WEF (World Economic Forum), Bangladesh is a “Emerging Tiger of Asia” due to its repaid economic growth. They are also sais that if Bangladesh wants to achieve 8% of growth then they have give more emphasis not only ready made garment but also Electronics as well as other sectors that help to improvement export revenue.i,e enhancement export revenue only boost up varies sectors not only RMG. In this connection, Bangladesh has to develop two things one Infrastructure and Investment facilities, because week infrastructure increase the transport cost and lag shipment which bad for us and also investment friendly environment.Sooner we do that sooner we increase export business that very soon we are proximity that position.

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