Is ABORTION Save !!!

Def: The expulsion of the product of conception at any period of gestation before full tern of pregnancy.

Classification of abortion:

1 . Natural < a) Spontaneous b) Accidental .

2. Artificial –< a) Justifiable or therapeutic b) Criminal or illegal


A. Mother’s causes –

1.Infection or poison –Small pox




Streptococcal inf.




2. disease affecting circulation of blood.

Anaemia of mother

Chr. Nephritis

Rh factor


Heart and lung diseases.

3. Disease acting through nervous system

Sudden shock , fever , joy , sorrow .

Reflex action due to irritation of rectum and bladder.

4. Local action – Inflammation

chr displacement by fibroid.

Congenital malformation of


5. Physical factor which separate the ovum e.g. blow

Causes due to fetus:

1. death of the fetus due to

Faulty development

Hormonal imbalance


foetal anaemia

2. Disease of the decidua –

inflammation and fibrous degeneration of placenta

Placental insufficiency

Placental tumour

Abratio placenta

Placenta previa.

Complication of criminal abortion

1. Immediate –

i) Shock due to


Vagal inhibition


Ii) Air embolism

Iii) Amniotic fluid embolism

Iv) uterine perforation .

2. Early complication – infection, septicemia Pyaemia, tetanus ,Gangreen,Pelvic or general peritonitis ,Sulphingitis,Pelvic abscess ,Acute abdomen .

3.remote— Jaundice. Renal suppression ,pneumonia , meningitis.

4. Late – Sub involution of uterus,Menorregia, Leucorrhoea, ill health, severe anaemia, dysperonia,chr PID, Sterility.

Sign & Symptom:

External –

1.signs of general violence,

2. Marked cyanosis in air embolism

3evidence of irritation

4. Local exam – Perineal tear, laceration, marks of instrumentation ,ante mortem hge,inflammation, evidence of sepsis-irritation, FB ma be found.


  1. Medical
  2. Surgical


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